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Donate to Bibleword

Bibleworld Museum & Discovery Centre is a non-profit museum run by the Bibleworld Charitable Trust. It is funded through the generosity of donors who contribute through both regular and one-off donations. Bibleworld is operated by volunteers, which enables us to keep our annual costs to about $30,000. We value all donations made to Bibleworld and use them carefully to cover our operating costs and to develop new exhibits.  


Bibleworld Charitable Trust is registered with the New Zealand Charities Services (Charities Services number CC10850) and has donee status. At the end of the financial year, Bibleworld emails or posts out tax receipts to donors. Those who pay NZ tax can then claim back one third of their donation from the IRD (provided they meet government criteria). 

New Zealanders can make a donation to Bibleworld directly into the Bibleworld Charitable Trust Account. The Bibleworld account is with Westpac - 03 0415 0517677 00. If you would like a tax receipt, please email us at with the name you would like the receipt made out to. 

Overseas donors can donate to Bibleworld via PayPal. Click on the button to the right to continue with PayPal (Note: PayPal donations will be in US Dollars).  

Thank you for your generosity. We really value your support. 

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