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Illuminate a Bible Page

6th September 2020

Many Bibles throughout the Middle Ages were amazing works of art. The pages of Scripture were beautifully decorated in a process called illumination. Now at Bibleworld, visitors can have a go at illuminating their own portion of Scripture. You can create your own design or take inspiration from the various Bible pages on display at Bibleworld.

Roman Glass

8th July 2020

The Romans were masters in the art of making glassware. Glass of many colours was used to make items such as bowls, cups, glasses, perfume vials, jewellery and even some of the first basic window panes. This new display at Bibleworld features two Roman jars and a number of coloured bracelet fragments. The glass is displayed in a light box to enhance the colour of some items.

5500 Year Old Artefacts

30th January 2020

These artefacts have been gifted to Bibleworld and are about 5500 years old. They were used in southern Mesopotamia during the time the city of Uruk was flourishing. The Bible describes Uruk as being part of the kingdom of Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah (Genesis 10:10).

Something for the Younger Visitors!

27th December 2019

This new 'floor level' model shows people going about their daily tasks. Young children (and parents) can take on the 'can you find it' challenge or can simply explore this model which is packed with things to discover.

Who Was Pontius Pilate?

23rd October 2019

Pontius Pilate will forever be remembered for his role in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. This new display about Pontius Pilate features a replica of what has become known as the Pilate stone. Excavated in Israel in 1961, the real stone provided the first archaeological confirmation of Pilate's existence and his role as Prefect of Judea. Also on display are two real bronze coins that were minted in 29 and 30 AD  under Pilate's authority.

New Exhibit - Dusty Treasures

1st August 2019

We recently had a wonderful collection of artefacts donated to Bibleworld. The treasures were collected by a Rotorua woman, Jan, in the 1960s when she worked in Iran and travelled to Iraq and surrounding countries. It has been a bit like an archaeological dig for us to try and identify what each object is, where it might have come from and what era it dates to. So far we have identified some objects as being over 5000 years old, some around 1300 years, and others may date to the 1960s. We have now hung these Dusty Treasures on the wall so you can come in and add your questions, comments and observations!

Instagram - @bibleworld.rotorua

7th May 2019

You can now follow Bibleworld on Instagram - @bibleworld.rotorua  See detail images of our exhibits, illustrated Bible verses and 'Behind the Scenes' posts. 

People from other Nations

11th April 2019

Have you ever wondered what the people mentioned in the early books of the Bible looked like. These replica tiles, now on display at Bibleworld, are copies of five tiles that once adorned the palace of pharaoh Ramses III of Egypt (c1184 - 1153 BC). They depict noblemen from five nations that Rameses III subdued during his reign. From left they depict a Syrian (Aramean), a Philistine, an Amorite, a Hittite and a Nubian (Cushite).

Maori and Kiwi Bibles

5th February 2019

We have two new uniquely New Zealand additions to our 'Story of Scripture' exhibit - The Bible Society of NZ donated a copy of Te  Paipera Tapu (Maori Bible) and  Chris Grantham donated a couple of editions of his 'Kiwi Bible' - a modern paraphrase with a distinctly kiwi flavour. 

Jerusalem Then and Now

20th November 2018

A number of people have asked us over the years how the city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus compares with the city today. We've come up with one way of answering this question - a 2.5 metre long image of the old city of Jerusalem as it is today. Now visitors can stand behind the model and see the similarities and differences between then and now.

Under the Law

15th October 2018

We frequently see in the media images of Moses stumbling down a mountain carrying two huge chunks of rock inscribed with God's law.  Recently we installed this replica tablet containing the written law of a ruler called Lipit Ishtar. The  original tablet was created 400 years before the time of Moses and contains numerous laws relating to the treatment of slaves and recompense for injured animals. Come and see how big this law tablet is - you may be surprised!

Flooding in our Building

24th May 2018

On the 24th May, a huge spinkler pipe burst in our building, flooding the basement to a height of about 50 cm. Bibleworld fortunately was untouched, but there has been substantial damage to the Victoria Grove Costume Hire; and the Wall and Basement Theatre. Please take care around our entrance way as there may be tradespeople and others working to clear up the damage. 

Bible Study Resources

2 June 2018

We want to encourage our visitors to read the Bible, memorise Bible verses and study the Bible with their friends. Over the last few months we have expanded our website to include some downloadable Bible study resources that we have put together. 

Please Touch this lamp

2 June 2018

This little olive oil lamp is about 2000 years old and was excavated in Israel. It would have been in use at around the time of Jesus. Please touch!

Favourite Bible verse

2 June 2018

Write out a card with a favourite Bible verse, add your name and pin it to our board. We love coming in and seeing new additions to the board and we love seeing verses written in a range of languages. 

Scripture Memory Resources and Bible Reading Plans

4 December 2017

At Bibleworld, we want to encourage our visitors with reading and memorizing their Bibles. We have a small range of Scripture memory resources and Bible reading plans for purchase. 

Real or Fake: The Ivory Pomegranate

4 December 2017

This tiny replica on display at Bibleworld illustrates an ongoing debate. It is a copy of an item placed on display at the Israel Museum in the late 1980s. It was described as the only known artefact from Solomon's temple. However over the last 15 years there have been questions raised about its authenticity. Come and read the story and see what you think.

Artwork from Persia

4 December 2017

Imagine walking in the  ancient Persian palace at Susa and seeing the beautiful glazed brick artwork that Esther and Nehemiah saw. This print depicts several soldiers from the king's army and shows us the artwork Esther and Nehemiah enjoyed. 

The Story of Scripture

7th July 2017

We have brought back an old favourite as a Temporary exhibit. This story of Scripture exhibits some real and replica Bible pages, illustrating how the font, language and format of the Bible has changed over the last 2000 years. This exhibits tells the stories of a few of the many Christians throughout history who have helped to faithfully preserve and pass on the message of the Scriptures. The exhibition includes a real Bible page from c 1250 AD. 

Tiglath Pileser

7th July 2017

This full-size replica depicts the Assyrian King Tiglath Pileser III. In the Bible, he is also called 'Pul' and he causes great destruction to the kingdom of Israel just before the time of Isaiah the prophet (See 2 Kings 15-16). Soon after this time, Isaiah would prophecy of a much brighter future: 'The people walking in darkness have seen a great light. On those walking in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.' (Isaiah 9:2). 

Relocated to New Premises

7th July 2017

We have moved - Just down the road to 1141 Eruera Street. Come and visit our new, larger premises with expanded exhibits (plus all your old favourites). A long ramp to the front entrance provides easier access for everyone!

Four Roomed "Pillared" House Model

January 12, 2017

This very detailed model shows a row of "Four Roomed" or "Pillared" houses typical of city housing during the Old Testament period. Each house features a particular trade common during the period including: farming, weaving, pottery making and carpentry. 

New and Expanded Old Testament Galleries

July 8, 2016

Bibleworld now has two fascinating Old Testament galleries, with models, timelines, new text panels, replicas and genuine artefacts illustrating the flow of Old Testament events. New exhibits highlight some exciting archaeological finds: a replica of the 'House of David' inscription, a replica of the Jehoiachin ration tablet found in Babylon and a replica relief of Darius I of Perisa, who supported the rebuilding of the temple at the time of Haggai and Zechariah. 

Decoding Challenge

January 30, 2016

Decoding Challenge: Locate the artifacts at Bibleworld, Find the assoicated code based on an ancient script, Decipher the coded messages.
Suitable for Teenagers and over (requires good reading skills and a bit of perseverance)
Time: Allow 30 - 40 minutes.
Cost: FREE!

Interactive 3D Relief Map

November 6, 2015

This new interactive map depicts the land that Jesus knew and travelled. It highlights many of the places Jesus visited, the main routes people travelled and some other significant New Testament sites.

Second Hand Books for Sale

October 19, 2015

Bibleworld now has a significant number of second hand Christian books for sale on site as a way of fundraising. Come and check out what is on offer and while you are there, take some time to look around the museum and browse the Bibleworld store.

New Kids Roman Armour

October 12, 2015

Now your child can join you in dressing up as a Roman soldier. This armour is a scaled down version of the adult armour.

Bibleworld has Expanded

October 12, 2015

Bibleworld has recently expanded into a significant amount of new space. Among other things, there is now a new area for parents to relax and watch while their young children enjoy the newly set up 'kids' area.

Jerusalem Time of Jesus model

April 27, 2015

After a year of construction, we are pleased to be able to show this new 1:1000 scale model of the city of Jerusalem as it was at the time of Jesus.


Free Entry

March 20, 2015

For the remainder of 2015, a visit to Bibleworld will cost you nothing. Entry is FREE. That's right FREE.


To find out when we are open, check out the details on the Visiting Bibleworld page. Please contact us to arrange out of hours visits or for group bookings.

New Hands-on Activity

September 11, 2014

You can dress as a Roman soldier in a set of replica Roman armour. You will need to bring a friend to help you dress in the armour, and a camera! (Due to the weight of the armour, this activity not suiable for children).

New at Bibleworld: Roman Military Exhibit

September 11, 2014

At the time of Jesus, the Roman army was a familiar presence, with soldiers and Centurions appearing many times in the New Testament.

New at Bibleworld: Model of Solomon's Jerusalem

December 15, 2013

We have just installed this 1:1000 scale model showing Jerusalem as it was at the time of Solomon.

Used Christian Books

January 9, 2014

Bibleworld sells donated Christian books on Trade Me to raise funds to suppport the museum. Check out our items for sale on Trade Me at Time4achange. We also welcome any donations of used Chrsitian books to sell.

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