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About Us


Many people have asked us all sorts of why, what, and how questions about Bibleworld and our invovlement. We will provide a bit of background. From 1995, we spent four years overseas studying full time at the Bible College of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia where we both gained Bachelor of Ministries Honours degrees. Since then we have both completed a Masters degree in Theological studies. 

In 2002, we felt led to set up the Bibleworld Charitable Trust with the aim of opening a museum here in New Zealand which would inspire people to learn more about the world in which the Biblical events took place. In April 2010, we opened the Bibleworld Museum & Discovery Centre in Rotorua, New Zealand, which remained open until August 2022. 

In 2006, we had the fantastic privilege of travelling to Italy, Greece, Israel, Jordan and Turkey to see many of the places where Biblical events took place.  Some years later we had the opportunity of spending several weeks participating in a Roman era archaeological dig on the island of Menorca. We have also travelled to America and Europe to visit and learn from a range of museums with a biblical focus or with significant ancient artefacts that relate to the Biblical era. We have a strong interest in learning about Biblical history and culture, and developing interactive activities. Since 2009, we have had a passionate interest in creating scale models depicting life in Biblical times. 

The Bibleworld trust is not affiliated with any particular church, denomination or organisation. We aim to provide resources for people from all church and non-church backgrounds. 


Ross and Sarah Nightingale (Bibleworld founders and trustees)

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