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Bibleworld Museum & Discovery Centre

Bibleworld Museum & Discovery Centre was opened in 2010 and closed twelve years later in 2022. On display at Bibleworld were a range of models, ancient artefacts, replicas of significant archaeological discoveries and interactive activities that showed what life was like in biblical times. These were arranged into four main areas: Old Testament Galleries, New Testament Galleries, a 'Hands-On' Area and the Story of Scripture Gallery - The images below are a sample of what people could see and experience at Bibleworld. Hover over the images to see what they depict (hover not operating on mobile).

Sennacherib's Prism


Image of Persian Soldiers  time of Esther

Gilgamesh Epic Replica

Tiglath Pileser Relief Replica

Four Roomed House Model

Tabernacle Model 1_edited.png

Tabernacle Model

Please Touch! Nebuchadnezzar Cylinder Replica

Time of Abraham Model "Up Close"

House of David Inscription Replica

Time of Abraham Model


Lamp & Filler from time of David 

1f - Canaanite jar (2)_edited.jpg

Real Caananite Amphora 

Old Testament Galleries


Models Showing:

Bedouin life at the time of Abraham

The Tabernacle

Jerusalem at the time of Solomon

An Israelite Four Roomed House

A City under Siege


Replica Artifacts Including:

The Cyrus Cylinder

Sennacherib's Prism (Taylor Prism)

Tiglath Pileser III Relief

House of David (Tel Dan) Inscription


and lots more ...


Artifacts include:

A brick from Babylon inscribed with Nebuchadnezzar's name

Bronze weapons used at the time of the kings of Israel and Judah

Pottery and Oil Lamps

and lots more ...

Model of the Temple at the Time of Jesus

Life Sized Roman Military Display

Real Roman Iron Arrow Heads

Replica Bust of the Emperor Augustus

Replica Gallio Inscription


Model of a Roman City at the Time of Paul

Model of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

Real Roman Dice from the Time of Jesus


Model of a House at the Time of Jesus

Tomb Model Outside (3)_edited.jpg

Looking inside the Tomb Model

Please Touch! Real Lamp from the Time of Jesus

Royal Purple Dye Display

New Testament Galleries


Models Showing:

A Typical Village House at the time of Jesus

Jerusalem at the time of Jesus

The Temple at the time of Jesus

A first century tomb

A Typical Roman city


Displays Featuring:

Wool Dyed with Dyes used in Bible Times

The Roman Military with a Roman Centurion, Roman Soldier and Roman Governor in a Toga.


Replica Artifacts Including:

A Bust of the Emperor Augustus

The Gentile Warning Inscription

An Ossuary (Bone Box)

The Gallio (Delphi) Inscription

And More


Artifacts Include:

A Half Shekel from the Time of Jesus

A Lamp from the Time of Jesus you can Touch

Household Items and Jewelry

Roman Weapons


and lots more ...

30 Hands on 1b_edited.jpg

Dress Up as a Soldier or Civilian


Smell Fragrances used in Bible Times


Play the Replica Ten Stringed Lyre

A Fun Model for Young Children

Have a go at the Food at the Time of Jesus Quiz

Challenge a Friend to a Game of Senet

Explore our Interactive Maps of the Biblcal World


Find New Testament Sites

Hands-on Area

This area featured a range of "Hands-on" activities for adults and children.  


Activities Included:

Interactive map showing significant sites

Interactive relief map of the lands Jesus knew

Dress as a Roman soldier (Adult & Child armour)

Dress in clothing styles worn in Bible Times

Challenge a friend to a game of Senet

Try the Food at the time of Jesus quiz

Play the ten-stringed Lyre

Try the animals named in the Bible challenge

See, smell and touch Frankincense and Myrrh

Smell some fragrances used in Bible times

Challenge your friends to the What is it? quiz

Write your name in hieroglyphs on real Papyrus

Play area for young children

and more ...


Write and Display Your Favourite Bible Verse 

Real Bible Page from the mid 1400s

Real Bible Page from the 1250s on Vellum

Explore the Story of the Bible and those who helped preserve it.

A Real Page from the Great Bible (Isaiah)

Read from NZs own

Kiwi Bible Paraphrase

See Real and Facsimile Pages from Ancient Bibles

Facsimile of the Oldest Known NT Fragment

The Story of Scripture
This exhibit told the story of those who have copied, translated and distributed the Bible over the past 2000 years. It included both real and facsimile Bible Pages.
Bibles and Bible Pages included:

Facsimile of the earliest known Bible Fragment

Facsimile page from the Book of Kells

Real page from a Bible from the 1250s

Facsimile page from the Wycliffe Bible

Real page from a 1613 King James Bible

The Maori bible

The Kiwi Bible


and lots more ...

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